Plastic Free Nilgiris

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Nilgiris is a paradise bestowed with bounteous beauty of nature.  The presence of abundant flora and fauna,

Gushing waterfalls, mountain ranges, meandering streams and thrilling trekking routes attract trekkers, wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts from round the world.

Nilgiris is a part of Western Ghats which is one of the oldest mountain ranges located at the tri-junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.  Nilgiris has been declared as one of the hotspots of the world because of its unique bio-diversity.

In Nilgiris District, there are 6 Taluks, 4 Blocks, 35 Village Panchayats, 11 Town Panchayats and 4 Municipalities.  The administrative headquarters is located at Ooty.  Tourism is an important source of revenue of the Nilgiris.

The District is basically hilly, lying at an elevation of 1000 to 2600 M above MSL and divided between the Nilgiris plateau.  The district has an area of 2552.50 Sq. Km. Its latitudinal and longitudinal location is 130 km (Latitude:1112’ N to 1137’N) by 185 km (Longitude:7630’ E to 7655’ E)

The District Administration has been taking various steps to retain and protect the unique natural environment in many ways such as regular mass cleaning in all parts of the district, intensive awareness camps to curb the usage of plastics, retention of Soil Moisture, safeguarding the open spaces from construction activities, pollution control etc., mainly to protect the pristine ecology of Nilgiris.






The District Administration has banned the following 19 kind of one time use and throw plastic items in Nilgiris district and it has been published in the District Gazette on May 2018 and the Gazette is also hosted in the District Information Portal.

Sl.No Name of The Item
1 Plastic carry bags of all thickness
2 Plastic cups
3 Use & throw Plastic tumblers
4 Plastic spoons, forks and knives
5 Plastic straws
6 Paper cups
7 Paper tumblers
8 Plastic and foil lined paper plates
9 Styrofoam/Thermocol plates and cups Loose Thermocol/cutouts
10 Non-Woven bags, PP(Non Woven) Bed sheets, Chef’s hats, caps
11 Plastic gloves
12 Plastic water packets
13 Silver foil covers
14 Plastic packing materials
15 Plastic bouquets and foil gift wrap
16 Laminated brown sheets
17 Laminated bakery boxes
18 Plastic banana leaf
19 Plastic Festoons

As per the directions issued by the Hon’ble High Court of Madras, 1 to 4 litre water cans and softdrink bottles are banned in Nilgiris District.






In Nilgiris District Anti-Plastic vehicle checking is being done in the following 9 checkposts.

Sl.No Name Of The Location
1 Kallar
2 Kunjappanai
3 Kakkanalla
4 Nadugani
5 Pattavayal
6 Thaloor
7 Choladi
8 Geddai
9 Nambiyarkunnu

Ex-servicemen has been deployed in the above check post and all the vehicles are being checked, banned plastic items are being seized and fine is imposed on those who are carrying banned plastic items in their vehicles.

Self Help Groups KIOSKS have been installed in the Kallar and Kunjapanai check posts to sell alternative to plastic bottles like Steel container, Copper bottles and other permissible containers to the tourist and public those who are having water in the banned plastic bottles at the entry points of the district.

Government Officials have been appointed as a Zonal Officers to conduct regular raid in the entire district and seize the banned plastic items and impose fine on those who are using and selling banned plastic items in Nilgiris District.






The District Administration ensure the availability of safe, protected drinking water supply to the public and tourists, 66 nos of Water ATMS were established on 15.09.2019 in various places as detailed below.


Water ATMS Locations
Sl.No Name Of The Local Body Name Of The Panchayat/Habitation
1 Ooty Block 1. Doddabetta (1No)
2. Hullathi (1No)
3. Ithalar (1No)
2 Coonoor Block 1. Burliar (3Nos)
2. Bandisholai (1No)
3 Kothagiri Block 1. Jackanarai (1No)
2. Kodanad (1No)
3. Kunjappanai (1No)
4. Naduhatty (1No)
4 Gudalur Block 1. Masinagudi (2Nos)
2. Cherangode (3Nos)
3. Nellakottai (2Nos)
5 Town Panchayat 1. Adigaratty (1No)
2. Bikatty (1No)
3. Devarshola (2Nos)
4. Hullical (2Nos)
5. Jegathala (1No)
6. Ketti (1No)
7. Kil Kundah (1No)
8. Kotagiri (5Nos)
9. Naduvattam (2Nos)
10. Sholur (2Nos)
6 Udhagai Municipality 1. Collector Office (1No)
2. Thalai Kundah Bus Stop (1No)
3. ATC Bus Stop (1No)
4. Blue Mountain Market Gate (1No)
5. Amma Unavagam Bus Stop (1No)
6. Boat House (Outside) (1No)
7. Uzhavar Santhai (1No)
8. Bus Stop (1No)
9. Finger Post (1No)
10. Government Heat Quater Hospital (1No)
7 Coonoor Municipality 1. First Hairpin Bend (1No)
2. Near Municipal Office (1No)
3. Sims Park (1No)
4. Bedford (1No)
5. Samanah Park (1No)
6. Amma Unavagam (1No)
8 Gudalur Municipality 1. Mel Gudalur (1No)
2. Old Busstand (1No)
3. New Busstand (1No)
4. EB Office, Devarsholai Road (1No)
5. Thorapalli (1No)
9 Nelliyalam Municipality 1. Pandalur Bus Stand (1No)
2. Pandalur Shopping Complex (1No)
3. Devala (1No)
4. Nadugani (1No)
10 Other Tourist Locations 1. Dodabatta Peak (1No)
2. Ooty Boat House (1No)
3. Rose Garden (Inside) (1No)
4. Botanical Garden (Inside) (1No)
5. Sims Park (Inside) (1No)

As per the instructions of the Hon’ble High Court of Madras on the maintenance work order has been issued to the maintenance company, the maintenance work is under process and all the Water ATM will be put into use to the tourist and public before 31.03.2022.






The Mass cleaning campaign has been conducted in coordination with the Municipalities, Town Panchayats, Village Panchayats, Forest Department, Railway Department, SHG members, College students and NGOs on 24.02.2022 and 25.02.2022 from Ooty to Coonoor and Coonoor to Railway Tracks for cleaning and removal of plastic and other wastes littered along the Nilgiris Mountain Railway track and 3301.20 Kgs of Plastics and other wastes have been removed from the railway track and it has been kept clean.






  • Regular Mass Cleaning Campaigns organized by the local bodies involving students and NGO’s to remove wastes, plastic bottles and other plastic waste collected during the Mass Cleaning Campaign and regular cleaning by the local bodies concerned are being taken to the collection centers/processing centers/ segregation shed run by the Municipalities/ Town Panchayats and Village Panchayats.  Plastic bottles and plastic wastes are sold to vendors present with the local bodies.
  • Anti-Plastic review meetings are being conducted regularly every month and review the status of the banned plastic usage. The District Level Officers and zonal teams are regularly instructed to monitor the flow of banned plastic in Nilgiris District.
  • District Level Press release is issued in local news papers as and when anti-plastic raids were conducted in order to create awareness among the public.
  • To create awareness among the public on banned plastic items, display boards have been erected in all the entry points, tourist spots and places of public gathering in the Nilgiris District.
  • Meetings are convened regularly with the Merchant association, Hoteliers Association, Tourism Association and NGO’s working in the field to strictly follow the directions issued by the Hon’ble High Court of Madras regarding the usage of banned plastic items in Nilgiris district and alternative for the banned plastic items to protect the environment in Nilgiris District.
  • All Local Bodies and District Pollution Control Board are creating awareness to the tourist and public on usage of banned plastic items through public announcement on vehicles, conducting rallies, promoting alternative for plastic bags etc.
  • Government of Tamil Nadu campaign called “Meendum Manjappai” campaign is being organized to promote alternative to plastic carry bags.